If you do not follow these rules you're at a real risk of being banned.

Rules for every section
- Do not attempt to sell or buy data in any of the leaks sections. It is not allowed. Use the marketplace. Do not hint at selling or buying data.
- Do not post Proxy lists or Dorks.

Games Leaks
- Must specify what is in the leak if it is behind hide tags (Code, Videos etc).
- Executable files must include a VirusTotal scan.
- Gaming accounts should be posted in "Cracked Accounts", not this section.

- Absolutely no Combolists. You will be permanently banned for posting Combolists in this section. [Example of what "Combolist" threads look like here]
- Databases that originally had Plaintext Passwords are allowed to be posted here (Please do research before posting, most of the time Passwords were cracked).
- No "Consumer" Data. Consumer data must be posted in "Other Leaks".
- No Documents, PDF Files, IDs or anything of the sort. They must be posted in "Other Leaks".
- You must add a sample of a few lines of the data.
- You must specify the amount of users.
- You must mention the websites name that the data originates from. If you do not know the name, post it in "Other Leaks".

Stealer Logs
- At a minimum there must be at least 30 logs. You cannot post single logs at a time.
- You must state the amount of logs included in a Thread, or the size of the Archive.
- Include a download to the logs, not the contents of the log directly in the Thread (Example of what not to do here).
- Don't post accounts from a single service. Use the Cracked Accounts section.

Other Leaks
- Do not post Cracked Accounts in this section. They should be posted in Cracked Accounts.
- You can share anything here, as long as it doesn't fit in one of the other sections.
- Tutorials on how to do things should be posted in the Tutorials section. Do not post random Tutorials in this section.
- Links to online tools, GitHub repositories, ebooks or courses isn't for this section.

Database Discussion
- Follow the Rules listed here.

- Do not repost Combolists.
- Do not share any files from Collection #1, #2, #3, #4 or #5. You will be banned for posting files that are taken from this.
- Don't take files from cit0day and post them one by one. Cit0day can be found here.

Not Safe For Work
- They must be over the age of 18. 

Dumped Doxes
- You are not allowed to post a dox of a current member of our forum, unless that member has been permanently banned (Self-bans do not count).
- Death threats, or threats of physical harm are not permitted. Encouraging others to do so will result in a ban.
- Posting an individual and asking others to dox them is not permitted. We aren't your personal army.
- The content of the dox must be hosted on a third party site (Doxbin, Pastehub, etc), not in the thread itself.

- You must specify the source of the course(s).

Cracked Accounts
- You must specify the amount of accounts included in the data.
- You must post the date the lines were cracked, so people in the future know not to reply to old threads.