Anybill.io Service issues virtual bank cards in the UK. Currency: Euro. There are 3 private BINs available in your dashboard. Cards are issued instantly.

The terms of service are as follows:

Card type: MasterCard, Visa, China UnionPay;
Card issue/lock: Free;
No transaction commission fee;
Account replenishment commission fee: 3-4.5% (depending on the replenishment amount per month).
Commission fee for canceled transactions (decline rate): The total commission fee depends on the ratio of the decline rate to all transactions in the last seven days:

Up to 3% – no fee;
3-5% – €0.2;
5-7% – €0.3;
7-10% – €0.4;
10-15% – €0.5;
15%+ – €0.6.
Telegram: @LeakgodAngel 
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