Quote:For the most part if you are getting 2FA, this does not mean the account is dead. When you’re buying logs and getting 2FA It means you are triggering Yahoo’s website security by doing something wrong.

There is a sizeable difference between 2FA triggered by security compared to 2FA setup by the owner.

The way you spot the difference between 2FA Triggered by Yahoo and 2FA set by the owner is whether or not you’ve entered a password.

Example One:

You type the email, hit enter and the next screen asks you to enter the password, then you get 2FA, That account is most likely salvageable as you are the one who has triggered security.

Example Two:

You type the email, hit enter and it asks you for 2FA without giving you the opportunity to enter the password.

That right there is 2FA from the account owner and the log is dead.

Steps you can take to increase success rate:

If the 2FA is triggered, it is not dead, give it a few hours and try again with the Guide you’re about to read:

Never use the same IP for more than 3 accounts.

Clear cookies between each login

use Firefox and this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox...asblocker/ Yahoo uses “Fingerprinting” to identify people using logs. Websites gather lot’s of data such as display size, the size of your browser, your timezone what fonts you have etc. It’s done through Javascript.

Type the username and password. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!

You can try using https://dichvusocks.us/ it seems bad but their proxies are computers in a botnet, so they provide residential IPs and not datacenter.lol But your best bet is to invest in https://luxsocks.ru/ By all means DO NOT USE 911.re

Don’t go straight to
https://mail.yahoo.com/ You must google Yahoo and click on the search results, this set specific cookies that tell Yahoo you’re from Google and it lowers the chance of Yahoo thinking you’re a bot.

Avoid using the app!

If you have followed this guide to the core on all 7 steps you will never trigger 2FA again!

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