A. It takes 300-500 rupees to buy an info domain and it takes about 1000 rupees to renew it next year.
Through this offer you can buy domain for 25 BDT and renew and transfer for 10 years for 250 BDT.

Offer is provided by Dhakaitclub.com.
I usually use
Dhakaitclub's hosting & domain. The best thing about them is the support system. Get immediate solution/support for any problem.

Disadvantages of the offer:
It will take 3 days to activate the domain. (For this offer only)

How to claim the offer:
FISRT VISIT LINK  Search for the domain name of your choice.

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[Image: Screenshot_2022-07-22-15-48-42-94.jpg]

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[Image: Screenshot_2022-07-22-15-50-53-66.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot_2022-07-22-15-54-09-67.jpg]

NOTE: It will take 3 days for the domain to become active (for this offer only)

CREDIT GOSE TO : trickbd
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