Award Name Description Request
Star Request
Ruby Gem Was lucky to obtain this award with a 3% chance during EID UL FITR Request
Trophy Make 30 post and you will get it automatically
Designer The designer who helped us to design Request
5k Member Was lucky enough to obtain this award during our 5k Members Day. Extremely limited! Request

Requirement Based
Award Name Description Request
Addicted Obtained for spending 7 days online. Request
Spam Fighter Spam Fighter Obtained for fighting with us to prevent spam Request

Upgraded Member
Award Name Description Request
INFINITY Obtained For Upgrading To INFINITY Membership Request
SUPREME Obtained For Upgrading To Supreme Membership Request
HEAVEN Obtained For Upgrading To HEAVEN Membership Request
CRACKER Obtained For Upgrading To Cracker
Contributor Obtained For Upgrading To Contributor
Adminstrator Adminstrator The Adminstrator